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Ann Wagner Introduces Legislation to Prosecute Lying and Buying Gun Crimes

Feb 14, 2020
Press Release
Bill Gives Tools to Law Enforcement to Prosecute People Who Lie When Trying to Buy Firearms Illegally

Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO), Chairman of the Suburban Caucus, released the following statement after she introduced the Prosecuting Gun Crimes Saves Lives Act, legislation to keep our communities safe and increase prosecutions of those who attempt to illegally purchase firearms.

“We can all agree that people who pose a threat to public safety should not be able to get their hands on firearms. Unfortunately, criminals who attempt to illegally purchase guns like the ones used in crimes across the nation and here in St. Louis are rarely prosecuted. In Congress it is our responsibility to identify solutions that will keep our communities safe and ensure law enforcement has the proper resources and guidance to investigate and deter illegal purchases.

“During my time in Congress I have been proud to support legislative solutions that get at the root causes of many gun crimes, as well as allocating valuable resources to law enforcement and strengthening the NICS background check system.  These are now law, and while they are helping to reduce gun violence, more can be done, without infringing on the individual rights of law-abiding citizens guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.  That is why the Prosecuting Gun Crimes Saves Lives Act is properly, and narrowly, tailored to give law enforcement agencies the tools to crack down on and prosecute people who are ineligible to purchase firearms.  While tens of thousands of firearm purchase applications are rejected each year, only a miniscule fraction of them are ever investigated or lead to prosecutions.  Instead of the status quo of illegal purchasers having the ability to continue to lie and buy with impunity, Congress must act to deter their purchase attempts, and give law enforcement and prosecutors the tools and resources necessary to bring these individuals to justice.

“This legislation establishes the Prosecute Gun Crimes Program to increase prosecutions of those who falsify information when they buy weapons, and it provides additional resources to state and federal law enforcement and assistant U.S. Attorneys to identify criminals who are trying to circumvent common-sense prohibitions.”

Read more about the bill here.