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Wagner Statement on Impeachment

Dec 18, 2019
Press Release

Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO) released the following statement on the impeachment vote:

"Today I chose the Constitution over partisanship and cast my vote against the articles of impeachment. These impeachment articles do not come close to the constitutional standards of treason, bribery, or high crimes and misdemeanors.

"Our Republic relies on robust political disagreements, but political disagreements are not cause for impeachment of a duly elected President. Democrats were outraged when President Trump was elected, and many immediately declared their intention to impeach him.

"Well, I am outraged by the behavior I have witnessed during these proceedings.  This is a crime-less impeachment and today we saw Democrats vote to undermine the results of an election without a single Republican joining them.

"The impeachment crusade has been a painfully partisan and unjust process. This sets a terrible precedent for future Congresses if the Speaker of the House can ram through an impeachment without overwhelming support from Congress and the people. 

"Speaker Pelosi committed earlier this year to a nonpartisan process.  It is sad to see she succumbed to the progressive voices of her caucus and set a dangerous precedent for the future of our country. This is a charade orchestrated by Democrat politicians who have fought to defeat President Trump since day one. 

"We must stop the divisiveness. Now is the time to focus on what brings us together and get back to work for the American families who depend on us to represent their best interests in Congress."