Wagner Votes To Keep The Government Open And Promote Fairness For All

Oct 1, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON , D.C. – Representative Ann Wagner (R-MO) issued the following statement after the Democrat-led Senate failed to avert a government shutdown:

“Time and time again, the House voted in bipartisan fashion to keep the government open and provide fairness to all Americans.  Fairness from an Administration who believes they can pick and choose which laws to enforce, while subjecting the American people to the heavy burdens of ObamaCare.  Fairness from a President who thinks ObamaCare doesn’t apply to Members of Congress, their staff, and the White House.  

“Over the weekend, the House pleaded for Harry Reid and the Democrat-led Senate to unlock their doors and come back from recess to negotiate a bipartisan solution to protect the American people from a government shutdown.  Rather than putting progress ahead of partisanship, Harry Reid decided it would be more convenient to just blame Republicans for political gain. 

“Late last night, I voted, for the fourth time, to keep the government open, while delaying ObamaCare for one year and providing fairness for all Americans. 

“As a result of partisan bickering and gridlock, I have waived my salary for the duration of the government shutdown because congress didn’t get the job done.  Those who make the laws should have to live by those laws, and I will continue to fight for the people of Missouri’s 2nd District.”