Wagner Votes to Keep the Government Open, Delay ObamaCare for 1 Year

Sep 29, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON , D.C. – Representative Ann Wagner (R-MO) today issued the following statement after the passage of the continuing resolution to keep the government open:

“Once again – I voted to keep the government open, pay our troops on time, and stop ObamaCare from hurting the American people.   Since ObamaCare was signed into law, there have been 1,231 special exemptions and five major delays to government-run healthcare.  While the president believes it is acceptable to delay ObamaCare for big businesses and unions for one year, he has no problem subjecting this disastrous law onto the American people. That’s why I voted, yet again, to keep the government open, while delaying ObamaCare for one year and repealing the president’s medical device tax.  By taking bipartisan steps to repeal the medical device tax – it will save hardworking taxpayers $29 billion and will protect thousands of good-paying jobs.  

“The Senate should stand with the American people and stop this law from destroying our economy, lowering the quality of our care, increasing costs, and putting the Federal Government between you and your doctor.  As your Representative - I will always stand with the people of the 2nd District.”