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Suburban Caucus Task Force Chairs Announced

Nov 20, 2019
Press Release
Task Force Chairs Will Advance Solutions To Help Suburban Americans

Washington, D.C. — Today, U.S. Representatives Ann Wagner (R-MO), French Hill (R-AR), Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), Jackie Walorski (R-IN), Rob Wittman (R-VA), and Steve Stivers (R-OH), Members of the House Suburban Caucus, released the following statement announcing the Suburban Caucus’s Task Force Chairs. The Suburban Caucus will roll out a member-driven agenda that will improve quality of life in suburban areas across America.

Rep. Ann Wagner, Chair, Suburban Caucus – “This is a historic opportunity to bring together members with a common desire to fight for suburban families. My colleagues and I have come together to help our next generation thrive and solve the issues that hold American ingenuity back and prevent prosperity from taking root. There are unique challenges facing suburban Americans and the Suburban Caucus will provide conservative solutions to kitchen table issues like child and dependent care, protecting patients with preexisting conditions, and making it easier to save for retirement. We are dedicated to passing a Suburban Agenda that helps our children and grandchildren experience an America that will help them succeed, innovate, and become leaders in their own right.”

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Chair, Task Force on Work-Life Balance – “In the city of Spokane, we have a lot to celebrate. In the past five years, Spokane’s median household income has grown by $14,700. Between 2017-2018, median household income grew by 16%. This is positive news, and our mission on the Suburban Caucus is to make sure our suburbs aren’t left behind in this story. With more people—from all walks of life—moving to suburban communities, we will be advancing policies aimed at improving their lives. As the Left lurches toward socialism with policies that will raise costs on middle-income families, this caucus will be a critical platform for our members to share a strong policy contrast to win the hearts and minds of more Americans.”

Rep. French Hill, Chair, Task Force on Preparing our Families for the Future – “When you empower families, you empower their communities and the larger society as a whole. That is why I am honored to serve as the Chair of the House Suburban Caucus Task Force on Preparing Our Families for the Future. This Task Force will focus on enabling suburban families to attain and sustain a higher quality of life through greater financial independence and security through the increased engagement and application of lifelong learning.”

Rep. Jackie Walorski, Chair, Task Force on Safety and Stability – “The Suburban Caucus will focus on diverse issues that impact the daily lives of everyday Americans, like keeping our children safe, combating the opioid epidemic, and staying in the workforce. I want to thank Congresswoman Ann Wagner for her leadership and my fellow task force chairs for their hard work to bring this initiative to life. As I lead the Task Force on Safety and Stability, I will remain committed to using data and evidence to find innovative solutions that will really work in communities across the country.”


Rep. Rob Wittman, Chair, Task Force on Better Infrastructure for our Future – “Suburban areas across the country are expanding and it is critical that Congress respond to their unique issues. My Task Force on Better Infrastructure for our Future will be addressing some of the issues that are most important to suburban Americans: less congestion on major commuter roads, reliable passenger rail, and safer, more efficient transportation solutions; as well ensuring all have access to quality high speed internet. We will be laser focused on forward-thinking policy solutions that solve the day-to-day challenges facing America’s suburban families.”

Rep. Steve Stivers, Chair, Task Force on Promises Made, Commitments Earned – “Our fundamental role in Congress is to support the families in our districts to the best of our abilities. The Suburban Caucus will do just that: work to continually foster the thriving business environment that has led to the boom of suburban neighborhoods in Central Ohio, and across the country, all while offering conservative solutions to the problems facing all Americans, including rising health care costs, a student debt crisis, and crumbling infrastructure. I am proud to lead the task force on veterans and health care, to ensure veterans receive the care they have earned and all Americans prosper from real health care solutions.”