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Wagner and Brown Introduce Fly Together Act

Dec 9, 2019
Press Release
The legislation would ensure young children are seated together with their family members on flights

Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO), Chair of the Suburban Caucus, and Congressman Anthony Brown (D-MD) released the following statement announcing the introduction of H.R. 5292, the Fly Together Act, legislation to ensure young children are seated together with their family members on flights. 

“It should be commonsense that young children are seated with their parents, especially during air travel where children need supervision and comfort in unfamiliar surroundings,” said Congresswoman Ann Wagner. “This legislation would require a policy where airlines keep children with their families without mandating extra fees. Airlines should not establish conditions and discriminatory fees that create potentially dangerous situations for young children. Children should not be left alone on flights, and the Fly Together Act will help families avoid unpredictable, stressful, and unsafe situations.”

“Parents should be able to sit with their young children on flights,” said Congressman Anthony Brown. “Separating kids from their parents is unsafe, potentially traumatic and needlessly increases stress and anxiety. This bill is the right choice for consumers and families, who are some of the most frequent fliers.”

“We are thrilled that Congresswoman Ann Wagner and Congressman Anthony Brown are leading the charge to legislate that domestic carriers do the right thing and prevent families with young children from being separated on flights they’re traveling on together,” said the Family Travel Association. “It’s not rare to have parents not being able to sit next to their children onboard the airplane after boarding. Flying with children is challenging enough without the stress of not knowing if a family has guaranteed seats together before taking off.”